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The new edition of Angry Birds Heikki associated with Formula 1
Studio Rovio is not slowing down. Though since the release of Angry Birds Space has passed only a few weeks, soon to be released next production of “Raging Birds.”

This time, however, is quite unusual, because the associated … from Formula 1 Rovio has launched a mysterious website Heikki Angry Birds game. It will be linked with the Finnish F1 driver, Heikki Kovalainen.


Download Angry Birds Heikki
Angry Birds Heikki download is not avaible jet. We must wait to June 18. When Rovio publish this game and show links to download we put they here. So check our site in next week. Find links to download Heikki. I know! You don’t like wait but you must! Now you should stay play on Space or Rio (it’s avaible for free online).

Angry Birds Heikki release date
For now, the production did not know anything, but on that site bears the date June 18 – it is most likely release date, but we do not know that one hundred percent.

Angry Birds Heikki devices
The portal Pocket Gamer claims that Heikki very Angry Birds will not appear on iOS and Android, but only on a PC in a browser game.

This seems to confirm facebookowy profile Lotus team, which rides Heikki Kovalainen, were told that soon will be a special production associated with the Finnish driver.

The relationship between “Raging Birds,” and Kovalainen is not the first time – in March Rovio started cooperation with the driver, and recently announced that Angry Birds will be “Official Raging Partner” by Lotus.

The next Grand Prix in Monaco the cars Kimi Raikkonen and Romain Grosjean, will adorn the themes of “Raging Birds.”

To PLAY ANGRY BIRDS HEIKKI ONLINE, Click on the Image below:



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